Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action


Jun 2, 2013


Mar 20, 2013
You have a great collection. I bought a conversion kit and use my mono one as a crossbody also.
Hey @brnicutie and thank you so much. I also have been doing the same for years as well, using my Samorga insert in my TP26's along with some of my other LV chains, my fave chain to use is from my pink coussin, as it's the perfect crossbody length on me.

I heard it’s a cotton mix of materials which is really lux and more durable and better than the previous versions. It is meant to give that raffia look and vibe for summer but nicer to use and much more durable and longer lasting that real raffia. From your pics and unboxing it looks really well made. Really sturdy but also soft at the same time. I love the microfibre interior and also the embroidery in black for the LV logos and flowers. With it being a cotton mix I definitely prefer that much more to raffia as raffia can start to break down quickly and start to frey. I have also heard with the Prada raffia tote there has been a lot of freying and the raffia breaking down. If that makes sense. Hope that somewhat helps. Have you started to use it out yet? Would love to see some mod shots too!
What great info @Bumbles and I really appreciate you for sharing all of this. I'll try to shoot some mod shots this weekend for you. I like I can wear it on my shoulder, but tbh I am more of a crossbody kinda chick :smile: so I'll use the chain from my pink coussin, the one I show in this video x

Whoa that video was super shaky lol:eek::giggle:
Great toiletry pouch collection! :love:
Thank you @octoberrrush and to get these videos under a minute and show everything I want to, I need to speed them up, in some bits they are 6x sped, so that's what happened and also the reason why I am working on a proper YouTube video to showcase it. So hopefully that one will help even more.


Apr 9, 2008
From last week.(trying to get caught up) Father in laws funeral. View attachment 5796945
Sorry for you loss...hope you're doing ok
This is my ‘random pick’ bag of the day :lol: , because I haven’t display my newer bags that I transferred to new house.
Montsouris BB, and my favourite box View attachment 5797073
love your trio of adorable
My Mini Loop from the Monoglam collection. I don’t really have the right wardrobe for this bag. But this was the only light colored outfit I could put together at the moment and I really wanted to wear my bag, lol.

View attachment 5798076

View attachment 5798077
this bag looks great on you...I saw the gold monoglam in store and it's gorgeous in person