Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action


May 27, 2009
Went to LV today to return my speedy 20. The store manager was super awesome and we chatted for a long time and he stamped my graceful tag (we stamped the back because of the size) while I was there looking at all the eye candy. Saw the new game, set, match pieces (ellipse bb is very cute). Had a wonderful experience and kind of fell in love with the keepall xs. :lol: I’ll try to be patient though and see what new canvas items come out for fall. :graucho: It was a fun way to end a long and very busy week. Happy weekend everyone! View attachment 5402912
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This keepall xs and the po look amazing together! It looks great on you! You have me interested in it too now
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Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
OMG!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: Wow you have quite the collection. :heart::love:They are amazing. Which one is your favourite? Mine is the sunrise pastel for sure!!!
Thank you! I don’t know! I think I was going nuts over wanting the City of Stars, and didn’t expect to get the Sunrise at all (didn’t know it even existed!). I also really love the Epi California Dream (I think that’s what it is! Lol!) !!
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May 18, 2014
Republic of OneRepublic
Thanks. Yep, I added the chain and switched out the strap.

Love the chain on this! Did you add it?

Thank you A :smile:. I didn’t realize it’s a blood moon eclipse weekend :lol:. I love this Trio Messenger with 4 versatile pieces (big pouch, medium pouch, key pouch and nylon strap). I got the idea of adding the silver chain from our lovely EmmJay. The chain and the strap are from Mautto. I think you definitely need a bag in monogram eclipse.

Awww M! What a stunner! You are making me so jealous that you already have mono eclipse! Perfect bag for the blood moon eclipse this weekend too :lol::heart: This is such a cool bag! And where did you find the bad ass chain which looks identical to the one the model is wearing (trio messenger right?).:coolio: