Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action


Aug 15, 2009
Late post from few days ago.. With extra chain, perfect for cards and keys.. :heart:
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This makes me even more motivated to use my blue Escale toiletry 26 from last summer. I didn’t use it once ☹ I am going to use it with a chain or leather strap and make it my summer handbag (I know a lot of you hate that but it is too pretty not to use!)

Thanks for sharing!

Georgee girl

Apr 11, 2015
Central New York
Neo Noe BB with new strap .

I fell in love with the design of bucket bag + thick jacquard strap of another brand when I saw it few months ago , I almost bought that. :smile:
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Love the spiced up look with the strap!!! Can you tell me a little about the size capacity? Can this bag fit a clemence wallet, MP and key pouch with room to spare? I have been pondering this bag but not sure if it is too small for the full size wallet. I have a small zip around but prefer to use a full size when possible.