Pics of Your Louis Vuitton in Action

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  1. Enjoy your reunion ! 😘

  2. Hope u enjoyed it, rather 👯

  3. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Love this bag!

  5. Very cute! Hope you enjoyed the reunion!
  6. Such a gorgeous bag :love:

  7. Love this look - the brea is one of my favorite bags. This color is TDF.
  8. Haha! Loves this pic!! Does she ask to wear any of your bags yet? My 15 yr old and I went to the mall this weekend. She asked to borrow a bag. I reluctantly said yes, because I knew she wasn't talking about my two coach bags I still have! She wore my speedy b 25 ! Love you sweet daughter's hair!!
  9. Wow! I love this. May I ask about your skirt? What a fun and classy look!
  10. My new to me Artsy MM:


  11. Trying to get ready for work, but someone is demanding attention :smile: (when she gets happy she gets 'crazy eyes' :lol:) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1406651967.473727.jpg
  12. Your Belmont looks great! Love it!!
    Can you share the ilustration on your cles? Looks like a nice flower
  13. Nice picture with Siracusa! I like your shoe pictures, clu! Bringing new dimension to our threads ~ not only bags but also shoes in action:P
  14. Divine as always! :loveeyes:

    Brea looks very pretty on you!:love:
  15. Thank you Pavla, I had a friend paint that flower on my Cles. Once I get home, I sure will share it💜😊
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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