Pics of Your Louis Vuitton in Action

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  1. Thank go get your Bloomsbury!!! Lol
  2. Winter at the beach with my blue kusama and GM round

  3. what a beauty!
  4. Brunch with tivoli.. :smile:

  5. Doing some shopping with the baby, in the parents room, don't mind the gross toilets lol. This is 1 reason why i love to use my delightful GM when I'm using the pram. It fits hanging on the bugaboo cameleon handle sooo nicely! Doesn't stretch the bag handle, and i am HANDS FREE, The front zips are where i store my phone and wallet for easy access, Beats the neverfull which you can't hang anywhere!

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  6. Shes so white!! Lol awwe i love tivoli!
  7. I know! She's not tanning as fast.. My artsy even has more color than she does.. it was such a nice day today, we went to the Hilton for brunch and walked by the beach and what not and out of nowhere it starts to rain! I had a few rain drops on the handle and trim but thank God there was nothing when it dried! :sweatdrop: I was so relieved! Even DH got scared!! Lol!
  8. Awwww! He was worried for you :smile: now thats a real trooper! Do you wear her much? Thinking of taking mine out soon but.... LOL its been raining on an off an sunny then Cold then rain an then gloomy semi sunshine then down pour LOL aaahhh cali life! LOL i havent used any LV in 2 days:o
  9. Yeah, he was! He knows how much they mean to me! :smile: but I think he was really more scared because he thinks he'll never hear the end of it! :P I try to wear when I can. Usually depending on outfits.... Wow, sounds like our usual weather here! :smile:
  10. I got my raspaill in October, and I think she is beginning to sloooowly tan, ( we're just going into summer here )but I here you about the rain !
  11. I had my tivoli for almost a year now.. :smile: Yup I hate it when it's nice and sunny when you leave the house and later out of nowhere it'll start pouring.. I live in a tropic island so you just never know! :smile:
  12. You should print this pic to a big canvas, its nice!
  13. Love your is on my list!!:smile:
  14. This pic is so cool! you look great drspock! Is there an app for this?
  15. Such a pretty brunch date!! Your tivoli is beautiful!
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Not open for further replies.
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