Pics of Your Louis Vuitton in Action

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  1. Quick mirror pic as I head out the door to work (:heart: casual Fridays), I love how great the DE pattern looks against a bright color! And another snapshot of my baby sitting shotgun and looking hottt with his glasses :cool:
    photo (1).JPG photo.JPG
  2. Will post more pixs soon :smile: some of them are not LV's. I'm thinking of disposing my Gucci and Burberry bags! I wanted to stick with LV's forever :smile:
    19047_1285750836195_7401965_a.jpg 23782_1296945036043_681711_a.jpg 420415_3169022356806_578461763_a.jpg
  3. Getting ready to leave to work..:smile: my baby doesn't look too happy..:sad:
  4. It looks good on you!:smile: i love DE speedy..;)
  5. Lol! It's still gorgeous though..;)
  6. How cute. Pugalicious. :heart::love:
  7. Cuuute!! I LOVE pugs, I have a mini schnauzer whom I adore but I feel like pugs have the best facial expressions aha

    And thank you ladies for your kind comments!!
  8. Waiting at the Drs office with my 2 favorites. My Speedy b 30 and Dutch Bros coffee.
  9. I luv your fur baby!!! My baby does the same thing LOL! too cute!!!
    You look gorgeous btw :smile:
  10. What a gorgeous bag!
  11. aww, your baby is so cute. love the artsy colour!
  12. Me and my Alma getting ready to go to a BBQ in the rain... If it doesn't ease off before we get there she will be staying in her dustbag in the car!!


    Excuse the mess - need to have a bit of a 'declutter'!
  13. Nice. What colour is your bag. Gris perle?
  14. I know.. Their facial expressions are priceless..:biggrin:

    Thank you guys!:biggrin:

    Thanks! It's actually Aube (purple)..:smile: I have a Gris Perle Mahina though..:biggrin:
  15. On our way to the mall
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.