Pics of Your Louis Vuitton in Action

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  1. image-558907543.png

    Going to Vegas with my speedy 40 last month :heart: It works better as a traveling bag than a everyday bag coz it's too big for me to carry everyday :"(
  2. Guess we post too much! Here I am at the mall with my Rayure petit noe

  3. Well she looks great on you!!
  4. Drspock7 I'm loving your boots!!
  5. Love your look. Congrats:snowballs::xtree:
  6. Thanks. They are Coach Natalie boots from last year. They are amazing and still look and feel new
  7. The rayure noe looks perfect on you! LOVING those boots!!!! must have!!!:drool:
  8. I love the peitit noe and she looks amazing on you!!
  9. You look great! :smile:
  10. Love your bag, and those boots! :smile:
  11. nice stuff all!
  12. Thanks! The boots are Coach and I really love them. Their leather is amazing.....on their footwear anyway.
  13. you look hot~ :smile:
  14. nice match of bag and your outfit~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.