Pics of Your Louis Vuitton in Action

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  1. You and your little one are so cute! Love her lil leopard flats.

    I love the patina on your speedy! I wish I had a speedy passed down to me for generations :P

  2. Nice look! ITA with pairing mustard, cognac colors with LV monogram -- the combo looks great together, especially when the vachetta gets patina over time.

    I'd love to have a personalized mon monogram with mustard/maroon letters :love::hbeat:
  4. LVOe your Mahina and your stole! You look FABULOUS!!! :smile:

    Merry Christmas! :santawave:
  5. Love this picture, so cute! I like my bag worn in too.
  6. love the Leo stole, love the Mahina bag ... great style:smile:
  7. Great combo!!
  8. Your daughter is soooo adorable. I love her little leopard print flats..shes super cute..:biggrin:

    And your NF is lovely as well

  9. image-1859156251.png

    Going for Xmas shopping last week with my Eva clutch :heart:
  10. Love your outfit! You look great with miss Eva!
  11. Thank you dinitegrity!
  12. Thank you sophiebed! :winkiss:
  13. Thank you so much RhudyTootie! Merry Christmas to you as well! :xtree:
  14. Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  15. Thank you! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.