Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. Oooooooohhhhhhh, I'm the first posting in this new thread!!
    Ok, so this is my new-to-me red Epi Agenda MM peaking out from my work (school - I'm a teacher) bag.

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  2. I wish my teachers were so stylish!! I love that epi agenda. :sunshine:
  3. pepsimax - Wow - I love, love that shawl on you, looks great with the black dress, really making me want one!

    And the cube aswell, you carry it perfectly - I want one of them too. Arghhh Im on a ban!!

    Martina - Red epi is just gorgeous.
  4. I had one hot stylish teacher, I had the biggest crush on herrrrrr!
    She always or at least most of the time had Louboutin and carried an epi alma.
    and she was an older teacher (about 50)
  5. Very creative. I want to take one too. :P
  6. Me and my Damier Key & change holder yesterday before class.

  7. OK, I have to say I'm so in LVOE with my rose speedy!:heart: I've carried it out twice already and it's just a fun piece ... the roses are really bright outside but I like it! LOL I'm a very conservative person since most of my bags are black and brown ... but I'm really loving the shot of color this bag gives my outfits!:yes: Some pics with my speedy and pochette ...


  8. ptrckii - Ahem ... very creative! *covering my DD's eyes! LOL*

    howard - Looking very dapper as always ... you wear your clothes so well!
  9. asl_babes - Your right, it is a fun piece and you wear it well with the neutral clothing. The flowers are just so damn pretty.
  10. asl_bebes You look wonderful with your new accessories. I especially love the speedy on you. Its really mobile art. :supacool: And thanks for the nice comment.
  11. You're SUPER hot :heart:
    Mad sense of style, OMG, I love it! :yahoo:

    I wish there were more men like you around my area...I would just stare at you all day. :love:

    Very nice, very nice. :tup::tup::tup:
  12. Looking great, as you always do howardu09. Love it!!
  13. Mitchell.....Man you got style! Never disappoint! Your making me want to go clothes shopping this weekend for a new fit!

    asl_bebes....Stunning! LOOOVE the speedy on you!
  14. You're so handsome, love your style!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.