Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action!

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  1. me and my mums boyfriends daughter, at the Palazzo, Las Vegas
    Monogram porte doc. voyager & Denim Neo Cabby MM with Commes de Garcons Bear
  2. Wow! You look so pretty with your neverfull roses! Love your hair too :P
  3. LOL that's the same what I say when people call her my stephsister :wtf:

    Boy ya'cute!:yes:
  4. You look gorgeous!

  5. izziebee: That Neverfull is stunning!
  6. Oskarrrrrrr you look GREAT!!!! as always!!!

    BTW it's me with ma Damier Geant Compagnon Sable
  7. ^^SO stylish! Love all your shots!
  8. Maybe its the lighting, but the cabby doesnt look right to me? Is it yours or your friends? Compare it to the pic of mine! The hardware on the handles doesnt look right either. Im not accusing you of anything, because it very well could just be the way it is sitting.

    You look great by the way.
  9. ITA, it doesn't look right to me either, but I didn't mention it thinking it was just me:P
  10. ^^^ It doesn't have that vintage look in the denim... :s

    BTW I like your aviators... who are they made by?
  11. yeah its the lighting and the flash because i look supper white and i'm really not :biggrin: and its hers not mine.
    and the Sunglasses are Dolce & Gabbana They're limited edition
  12. oskar - I dont mean to be rude, but I have looked at it again and again and I am now 99% sure its fake. The LV lettering on the fabric is way too pronounced plus other factors.

    Perhaps she knows its fake or she doesnt? Either way, it looks nothing like my cabby which is purchased from the store.
  13. it is Fake, but people are so nice to point out when someone is too proud of it
  14. i thought it looked fake too, but i didnt wanna say anything. I felt bad :[.
  15. Very cool. :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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