~*PICS*~ of your HOLY GRAIL BAG!!

  1. I thought this would be fun to post a picture of your 1 and only HOLY GRAIL bag:nuts:. I know we all own lots that we love:yes: but which is your most favorite and expensive!:graucho:.

    Here is mine::love:
    Its by Bottega Veneta, AKA the Jen Aniston bag since she was seen wearing it in the movie "The Breakup" and wore it a couple years there after. Im too embarrassed to say how much I paid :shame: but let me tell you its my HOLY GRAIL BAG and worth every cent!!:wlae:

    Lets see yours!!:woohoo:
    Ebay Pics 468.jpg Ebay Pics 470.jpg Ebay Pics 475.jpg
  2. My grail bag would be a large Hermes Picotin in etoupe. (So far it's only in my dreams, so I don't have a picture. . . but, a girl can dream!)
  3. I have mine, Balenciaga Ocean Day w/ GGH :heart:. With and without flash:
    2002455862860241241_fs.jpg oceanday.jpg
  4. Gorgeous Ranskimmie!!! Thanks a real jaw-dropping bag.
  5. It's not my most expensive bag but the one I searched for the longest and had to buy her from San Antonio, Texas and I live in Germany. I don't use her the most of my bags but I love her the most.:love:
    chanel 049.jpg
  6. wow kimmie, it is sooo pretty :drool: i envy u here :p

    my holy grail bag that i treasured a lot is my chanel original coco cabas in caviar leather, i was lucky to get the one from the season where the leather is the distressed caviar which makes the bag so slouchy...
    i have saved and sell some of my bags for this beauty and it worth every single cent!
  7. My HG bag would probably be either a Balenciaga Day (I am SO not picky about what color, haha!) or some sort of Chanel tote. However, those bags seem too delicate for me, and I like ones that I can somewhat beat up and they still look new.

    My more realistic HG bag is some sort of all-leather Coach bag that has a good slouch to it!
  8. Wow ladies! Some Bee U Tee Ful HG's here!! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. My grail bag is a 40cm Black Togo Birkin w/ Graphite lining and Palladium Hardware :love:

    (This not at all a good pic, but somewhat representative of my grail)
  10. The Chanel violet flap (no surprise there!)

  11. My avatar shows my grail bag that I was so lucky to get a few months ago.....Birkin 40 orange Togo. When I am not using her she sits in my room so I can see her, touch her, believe I really own her! Pathetic I know :tup:
  12. That's a beauty. Seems like Jen carried it everywhere...I saw pics of her with that bag dressed in jeans, dresses, etc. Have you gotten that much good out of yours?
  13. great thread! Here's my HG for now: Chanel patent reissue 227 with gold h/w:



    btw, love looking at everyone's HGs!
  14. Hmm... I'm gonna have to think about this one. Or is an HG the bag that you would immediately think of when someone asks "What is your HG bag?"

    Hmm... I think I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be!

  15. Wow...I should say so! This bag is fantastic and I hope to have one someday...right now I want everything, so it is hard to save up for the ultimate! I am at work so I can't post any pics...good idea for a thread though!