Pics of your favorite nail length?

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  1. I'm curious, what is your favorite nail length? Do you have any pictures of it? Why do you like it?

    I think my favorite is the length that I have currently... to me, getting to this length with strong nails, an intentional shape, and no white spots says "I've had excellent nutrition for at least 8 months in a row" and maybe it's shallow of me, but I really like that connotation! :P Is that silly? lol

    But I don't think I want to go any longer...I like it when my nails blend in with my finger shape for the most part.

    What is your favorite length?

  2. This is my current nail length, and I rarely let them get much longer than this.. I like them to be ever so slightly past the end of my fingertips... just suits me better, I guess! :smile:

  3. I love you nails! The length is perfect, as is the shape of all of them! :heart: I try to keep mine fairly similar to yours to be honest, next time I change polish i'll try and grab a pic :smile:
  4. Pretty nails!! :smile: they look so perfectly shaped too!
  5. I always keep my nails short (about fingertip length), because I prefer how that length looks with dark polish! And since I'm a vampy kind of girl... :lol:
  6. I like them short and sweet.

  7. this is a good length for me. Anything longer than this and it starts to bug me

  8. You are lucky to have very symmetrical nails! some of mine curve off to one side, especially my middle fingers. (I just filed them in a way that hides it, but that only works up to a certain length...I'm probably at the maximum length where I can make them look symmetrical even though they aren't!)
  9. She does have very pretty nails! :smile:
  10. My fav nail length and shape.


  11. My nails are just a lttle over the edge...
  12. I really like it the length of my nails right now. :smile:

  13. Bad phone pic but here is my current length, I'm pretty happy with it!
    I try to keep them like this as much as possible!
  14. Yes, I think this is the best. I wish I could have them at that lenght but I write and type a lot, that doesn't make it comfortable. I have them a little shorter than her, at fingertips' edge.