Pics Of Your CHANEL In Action!

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  1. omg!! that's ur mom??? she definitely looks like ur sister!!!!!
    do they still have the metallic plum reissue in stock??? i bought one earlier this year but returned now i'm in deep regret!!!!

    and i really love halfmoon in beige with ghw!!!! really cute !!!
  2. i love your dress!
  3. I'm new to Chanel-may I ask which model this is? I love the size and how you can wear it as a messenger!
  4. Thanks! :flowers:

    It's the 226 for the reissue. :smile:
  5. Thank you sweetie :biggrin:

    Loving your outfits and your reissue. So fab :love:

    I bought the small coral cam at first but ended up exchanging it for the medium lol. The medium is definitely a lot roomier but it tends to be quite heavy when wear cross body. I would've been happy with either one to be honest, so you're good right there :smile:

    Yes, both the Chanel boutique and Bloomies at SCP have the metallic plum in stock, although only in size 224. I would love to have one in a 226 but the prices are crazy right now that I'm just going to wait and see if anyone is going to buy it for me. Just kidding. :lol:

    I love the halfmoon, I wear it a lot more than my black sevruga WOC :p

  6. yeah!!! i got the black halfmoon~ haha~ i still can't justify to get a light color bag yet....but the beige with ghw looks really nice!!! the cam is a lucky find and i wasn't intended to buy it but my friend kinda pushed it and told me it's a good keeper~ haha~ i guess 226 is a really popular size~ as i'm also drooling over a light gold reissue with gold hardware~~~~ but still i just think i tend to buy dark colors in bags~ haha~
  7. Ooooohh. Light gold reissue sounds gorgeous :graucho: only if I didn't already have the pale gold clutch lol. I tend to buy darker colors as well, I think it's because we don't have to worry about them getting dirty. I get freaked out when someone puts my white caviar jumbo on the floor hahaha. I'm already thinking about my next purchase, would love to get a reissue though but probably won't take the plunge on spending that much money on a bag. The CWC in patent royal blue for the Cruise collections sounds tempting right now and pricewise, it's just right :biggrin:
  8. Thank you very much for your kind words! :flowers:
  9. What is the style number for this Mini? Looks good on you!
  10. oohh... I like the new extra large PST, is it a new model? The red looks great on you :graucho:
  11. thks babe! it is a new seasonal model which was available in Singapore..
  12. Not exactly an action pic, but I love the addition of a pearl necklace (a la the Westminster) on my jumbo! I'll have to add a simple gold chain next!

  13. Finally a mod pict, love ur bag! drools
  14. thks dearest!!
  15. My jumbo
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