Pics Of Your CHANEL In Action!

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  1. I met my twin at Omotesando hehehe :p

  2. Awwhhh that it such a cute action shot!!!
  3. sakara: You always look great and that red Birkin is TDF :drool:. Looking forward to see some modeling pics of your gorgeous new Kelly, I'm sure it will look great on you as well :smile:.
  4. 100611_211514.JPG 100611_211114.JPG 100611_210027.JPG My mademoiselle lurking in the nightlight of Japan...
  5. :nuts::yahoo:So cute!!!!
  6. Got this from NM sale after making at least 5 calls/day during the presale week...worth it in the she is :yahoo::biggrin:

    Special thanks to TPFer, Yenny!!!

    p.s. It's actually more tan and darker IRL...looks too peachy here in the pic. It should be pink but comparing to my pink's more like dark orange/tan.
    bijoux flap1.jpg bijoux flap2.jpg bijoux flap3.jpg bijoux flap4.jpg
  7. That's okay! Size doesn't really matter, what's more important is you know to wear them and you wore it very well! :tup:
    I guess most of us are like that, when you are older there's lots to think about!
    In fact, I was doing it okay until I met Chanel (It's really hard to think rationally sometimes)
    Anyway, the fashion items you are having now are really great! Keep it up! :biggrin:
  8. :biggrin: I agree! That's such a cute shot!
    By the way, your H bag is :drool::drool::drool:
  9. :nuts::nuts: That's such a beauty!! And you look so sexy with it!
  10. Awwww...thank YOU!!! :blush:

  11. What a great sale find! Looks really cute on you!
  12. You are so cute! That is such a fabulous sweater, I loved this spring collection!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.