Pics Of Your CHANEL In Action!

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  1. Tks E! My action pics, unlike your outdoor pics, are kinda boring as they are always confined to my own home (b4 I leave the house). Too shy to pose with my purse in public :shame:
    How r u enjoying your white caviar M/L? Its good to be in a state of contentment!

    Tks for your kind words, miffy!
  2. ^^^I am a "camera-whore" haha...

    state of contentment is no more...I need to get that Prada clutch! lol
  3. TheLioness: You look very cute and your little dog is adorable :biggrin:.

    hippo alice: The m/l looks beautiful on you!

    kewave: Great look! I hope you've enjoyed the Greek dinner, I love Greek food :smile:.
  4. TheLioness: Tou look so cute holding your babies!
    hippo@alice : Love the dress and the bag... Amazing!
    kewave : So elegant!

  5. Ooooooooo... new thread already... Looking great everyone!!! :woohoo:
  6. very classy!!

  7. you look great! you must be tiny... the mini looks bigger on you than me! lol..

  8. Here's me with my grey 227 reissue and Stella Luna platform wedges on a rainy Saturday.

  9. How cute is this picture! Love that reissue on you!
  10. Nice picture and I love the grey reissue on you :smile:!
  11. Thanks miffy & **Chanel**
  12. does anyone know of a thread/site where prices are posted of the chanel bags... I want one for my 21st b-day but dont know if it is too expensive, I'm only an LV collector so far!
  13. That's a nice photo with you and HB! :biggrin:
    And I have to say that's a really big brolly he got there :p
  14. Great look! You look so good in that dress! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.