Pics Of Your CHANEL In Action

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The belt is Bebe. :smile:

  2. Baggaholic-Thank you for such a wonderful compliment! :smile: :heart:
    PrincessMe-Thank you!
    chanellove21-You're so sweet! Thank you!
  3. Baggaholic - How have you been? Haven't seen you in such a long time!
  4. BagMad73...Thank you so very much - you are too kind.:smile:
    But see what happens - the Mods have to end and restart the thread - when I post "in action" shots - hahahaha.:P
  5. Your are hot!! Purrrfect.... POST MORE!! :smile:

  6. MissPinkBarbie and Purrrfect - Gorgeous modeling pics ... you both have stunning figures (and the Chanels aren't bad either! LOL)!
  7. Sorry about that :P You look fabulous though!
  8. Took my vintage lambskin jumbo out for a spin today ... even got compliments on her from the manager at my local Chanel boutique. I definitely need to take it out more often.:graucho:

  9. ^ You should bebes, it looks wonderful on you :heart:
  10. ^As always, you're always so sweet:hugs: ... thanks so much, Nat! It was definitely a very productive talk, I got to find out on when we're receiving our red caviar jumbos here. I'm really hoping that I can add a Miss Red to my collection!:graucho:
  11. Wow the thread's moving fast - everyone looks amazing!!!

    Here's me - going out for dinner tonight with DH (Happy Chinese New Year ladies!)

    Bebe satin kimono top
    Local capri pants
    CL Black kid armadillos
    Chanel timeless clutch

  12. Thank you, you are so sweet, I was just joking around...:P
  13. Oh, IceEarl and asl_bebes - you ladies are so nice.
    Everyone looks so fabulous here at tpf, it is like the Miss / Mrs. Universe pageant with great Chanel bags as the main stars!!!! :rolleyes:

    Great outfit and vintage bag, asl_bebes!

    Love the clutch and CL, dreamdoll!
  14. dreamdoll - Very cute outfit ... love the clutch! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

    Purrrfect - Thanks so much!:shame:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.