Pics of you wearing your RED/ROUGE first?

  1. would anyone care to share? thanks so much :love:

    i can't decide between a first and a city, and am leaning towards a first. if it helps i am 5'1 and i am afraid the city will be too big. i also currently have a chloe pocket paddington, which is roughly the same size as the city.

    i want to fax my order in the next day or two :happydance:

    opinions/photos, especially from petite girls, would be much appreciated!
  2. cool
  3. Frayed, I don't think the City is too big for you. But it all depends on what size you alone are comfy with:smile: How do you find the pocket paddy for you? The City isn't that big and when I got mine I was actually surprised as it was smaller than I had expected, lol.

    Anyway, I've attached some pics for your reference - a couple of my black City and one of my 05 rouge First:smile: Oh, I'm 5'3". Prolly helps to mention that.:amuse: Oh, and pls excuse the blurry pics.
  4. i'm petite and i don't think the city is too big on a shorty like myself.
    for me, i like the twiggy, box and first. the city looks alright on me. it's just personal preference that i like the other styles.
  5. Sue!!! :nuts: you look H-O-T with the rouge first, and the black city:love: !!!

    **where's my 05' black city:crybaby: ?????
  6. Thankyou BB!:flowers: Don't mind my nerdy socks, lol! It's cold so when I'm home I always pull on a pair.

    Aww, don't worry.. you'll find your 05 black City. Don't lose hope!:wlae:
  7. You look amazing Sue! Love the bags on you!!

    And I think that the city and the first would both look great on a 5"1 frame--as jennifer said, it's a personal preference. I love them both and I am pretty petite (just 5"5).
  8. the bags look great on you!
  9. ditto :cutesy:
  10. SUE it looks amazing!! i think my collection will eventually include a black first as well ;)

    i've got my order form all typed up and ready but i just cannot decide :sad:

    sometimes i think the pocket paddington is a tad too big on me, and the dimensions should be exactly the same as the city. ill see if i can find some pics.
  11. ok here are pics of me with the pocket paddington, same size as the city. now if only i can superimpose a balenciaga in this pics :P

    sadly i've never seen a real one in my life and boutiques don't really stock them here in sydney (well the ones that do are far and few inbetween, and are usually super snobby i wouldn't want to walk in there anyway) :crybaby:

    p.s. yes i took out the lock i think it looks stupid
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
  12. Hey i just bought my Rouge first :nuts: so i hope the pics help!

    Im pretty petite, abt 162cm tall...
    i was actually choosing between the city or the first as well, coz the city is a good size for work while the first is good for going out...
    i think you got to also consider the fact that a RED BAG (a really red one) will make a bag seem bigger... and it can get pretty loud. so thats why i chose the first in the end and i love it! although it looks small beside the city, it looks just nice on me.
    The city will probably take all the attention away... hee.

    Oh no! :hysteric: im sorry im new to this forum so i dont know how post the pictures! it seems that the size is too big.

    Hope it helps anyway but if you really must see the pictures i'll try to upload it tomorrow or something. :yes:
  13. oh yay i found a way to change the size of the pics!
    Here you go!
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg bag4.jpg

    i think i'm definitely getting a first now :smile:

    btw can you take a pic of you wearing it with a shoulder strap? as that is probably how i'll be wearing mine :smile: