pics of you wearing your orange Birkin or Kelly

  1. I want :biggrin: an orange birkin or kelly, but I'm obviously undecided about leather, size, etc...
    so pls. post pics of you wearing your orange birkin or kelly, also with toile combos if you have any!
  2. I just finished going through the Hermes in Action thread and saw a few - but (like you) am intrigued by the versatility of orange.

    (It should probably be noted that in the process of researching orange, I decided I actually want blue. For now. LOL)
  3. Mary, I have a 30 orange birkin in Togo with PHW, and I can't say enough wonderful things about it! I couldn't believe how versatile the color is. I wear with camel, creme,
    etoupe, navy, white, black, blue jean, & brown. It is such a happy color, just makes you
    smile. I love to use it as a "pop" of color. So glad you are contemplating orange, and I
    will post a pic for you tonite after I get home. I am also enjoying the 30 size so much as
    it is lighter to carry and can use it at nite with dressy casual.
  4. hi there. I have an orange 35cm birkin with gold hardwear. It is my first birkin and was a little worried about the colour not matching much in my wardrobe, but I loved the colour so went for it. But now I have got used to the bright colour, I even wear it with pink shoes,and with a red skirt (but not at the same time!).

    The colour is so rich but classic at the same time, it really lifts an outfit, if worn against contrasting colours such as black or blue, pops against clashing colours such as pink, but looks more neutral against creams and browns.

    I would go for it
  5. I love orange with gold hw!
  6. I would love to see some pics too!!
  7. Oh yes please... Let's see some pics....this will be my first Birkin also!
  8. My orange 30[​IMG]
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  9. pamella - you have a great sense of style! I say a picture of you in an H scarf in the Action thread. If I recall, it was black/white(ish)? and you'd worked it into a top.

    The orange birkin looks great with your coloring as well. Very nice!
  10. Here's a teeny tiny touch of orange overload. This is a Togo 32 Kelly:


    IMG_0496_2.jpg IMG_0497.jpg
  11. Nice....the color just pops out at you.....

  12. ^^ yes, I understand how some may say it's too much of one color, but I say you look GREAT!!
  13. Love both of your looks fancy..... And I too think orange and gold is better truthfully
  14. I'm a firm believer in "it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it."

    If you love orange enough to buy an orange Kelly or Birkin, then go rock that bag!!!
  15. pamella - you look lovelier than ever. The orange suits you perfectly.
    restricter - what a great outfit and beautiful Kelly! Jinjy would be a nice addition to that outfit. Did he help pick out the bag?