Pics of you wearing your Coach scarf?

  1. Hey all! I did a search and couldn't find anything so here goes..

    I've been considering getting one of those skinny Coach scarves like this:

    but I don't really know how I could wear it... for example, do you guys find it to stay in your hair? Are there any other ways to wear it besides in the hair?

    I probably won't tie it to my bags and wanted to know if there were some other uses. Thanks!

    Pics greatly appreciated. :flowers:
  2. ...anyone? Please? :smile:
  3. I don't have any pics of me wearing them, but you can wear a ponytail scarf in your hair as a headband, or tied around a ponytail... also just around your neck is cute. If you get the longer skinny scarf you can wear it as a belt as well. :yes:
  4. I'm sorry, the only scarf I have is the one on my's actually that pink one on the left...but I figured I'd *bump* this for ya...I'd like to see some people wearing their scarves too!
  5. wear it in your hair!! they tend to fall out of mine when I wear it as a headband, but I bought a plactic headband that has holes in it and I wove the scarf thru the 2 at each end so it stays behind the headband (between the hair and the headband and I tie it, it doesn't slip at all!!

    If that even makes sense lol
  6. I only have two scarfs and I use them on my bags.
  7. old pics my hair was short
  8. ^^I Love it!! Too cute!
  9. that black one is HOT :tup:
  10. I believe someone said they have these at walmart for $2! I havent been there to look yet...
  11. I found them at Ulta too!
  12. I think i was the one who mentioned that got the head band with holes at Wal-mart. I remember Candace showing a pic of it and saying she's been trying to find one and i went on a hunt to look for one myself. So i got it at Wal-mart and have been using it and the scarf never slips. It works. When i get back home I'll try to post pics.
  13. I think I saw that thing in Seventeen a few months back, lol.. it does make sense though and I'll check it out! Thanks everyone!
  14. i am uploading more photos now