Pics of you and your Tokidoki

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  1. For those who want to, maybe we can keep this thread to post pics of yourself with your Tokidokis. Some of the other forums have this and I thought it would be great reference for those who don't have stores in the area and have to order online. Anything Tokidoki counts -- clothes, watches, bags, jewelry, anything. :flowers:
  2. Great idea!! :jammin:
  3. i hope this thread doesn't get bumped down...i'm looking forward to seeing people wearing mamma mias, stellinas, and zuccas. haha.
  4. If I could light a fire under my bf's butt and he could get our camera I could take a pic. I'm sure I:heart: TOKIDOKI will post pics here...she is the :queen: of the camera...she helped me make my avatar!! She's the best!! :love:
  5. Okay, for all those that are shy, I'll go first. The lighting here at night is not that great so my pics are looking blurry, but here goes. This is me with the Paradiso Campeggio. I'm wearing it messenger style and also just as a shoulder bag.
    toki1.jpg toki0.jpg
  6. here are some older pix of me with my bags...i'll take updated ones with my new babies =)

    Foresta Trenino, Foresta CiaoCiao, Paradiso Zucca

    Primavera Dog Tag necklace

    Latte Shirt, Moma Bella Hoodie, Carnivora Shirt (i think most ya'llz have already seen this, but just for completeness)
  7. bubblesung- I love your hair!!!
  8. Bubblesnug, you are so cute! I like your hair.
  9. ookie here is me with....

    pirata gioco
    inferno campeggio
    paradiso mamma mia

    the campeggio is def not an everyday bag for me. just if I have a day trip, or an overnight trip, that sorta thing. I think the mamma mia is the biggest I will go for an every day purse. Even the gioco I think is too big, I just end up putting too much stuff in it and it's way heavy. :rolleyes:
    FYI I am 5'2"

    I think I posted a few of these before.
    toki_bodyshots 002.jpg toki_bodyshots 004.jpg toki_bodyshots 007.jpg
  10. Hazelnut, thanks for the pics. I really want to get a giocco now.
  11. HOLY COW! The zucca is HUGE! I will post some pics later of me with my mamma mia and my ciao ciao, but I gotta take pictures with all the rest of my babies first!!
  12. the zucca reminds me of a mamma mia...just in a different shape.. :biggrin:
  13. disney your baby bag is too cute!! When are we gonna hang out and talk tokidoki?!?!?!
  14. bubblesnug!! You little hussie!!:p I was googling "tokidoki necklaces" and your blog was the first thing that poped up. I didnt know you posed for maxim- you HOTTIE!! :graucho:
  15. Tokidoki Lover: lmao i didn't POSE for maxim but rather my picture was featured in it...en ESPANOL profile makes me sound like a psychotic person in spanish!