pics of wristlet as wallet pls

  1. can someone show me some pics of how u set-up ur wristlet as a wallet? thanks
  2. i just stick everything in :p-- there's a way to "set it up" :confused1:
  3. i use one of the credit card/money holders inside to keep the basics organized, then let the change float around the bottom of it.
  4. It is a pain to use these as wallets but affordable. I have a separate change purse for coins and one of my wristlets the one i am using now has a front pocket so i put my debit, credit and id in the front pocket and cash,reciepts and less frequently used cards in the main compartment.
  5. Here is my new one from Christmas.
    There is a card holder on the inside, I can also use a money clip (if I don't want to carry my wallet in it) and a coin purse.
    CmadisonHW.jpg Cmadison.jpg
  6. i sometimes will put a minny skinny inside my wristlets, to separate bills and change from my cards, license, etc...while it's a little tight to get it does fit.
    i love wristlets over wallets many uses for wristlets!
    i also love to attach a charm to my wristlets...i currently have the raspberry lurex wristlet i'm using with the breast cancer charm attached!!!
  7. That is such a good idea!
  8. i use a card holder inside to store my cards and to separate cash and receipt.
    I use the front flap pocket for ID and coins.
  9. What is a card holder you all are talking about?