Pics of Wilshire Boulevard please!

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  1. I love the new colors, but I am concerned that this is a pretty small bag. Can some of you who own this bag please post some pics of the bag "on" and what can fit inside it? I have a zippy wallet, iPhone, cosmetic pouch, keys, and the odd assortment of other stuff to carry around. Will this fit? Thanks!
  2. I just switched my stuff back into Wilshire tonight and I got everything you mentioned above in it, except I have the sarah wallet. Plus I have a versace sunglasses case, but I had to stick it on its side. I don't have a modeling pic but I've seen many in the Wilshire Club thread. I personaly love Wilshire.
  3. Here is the one my friend bought yesterday. It is so beautiful


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  4. Oh my! :nuts: That blue is going to kill me!
  5. I found a pic with items inside on the club thread, thanks! Does anyone have a pic of the Wilshire Boulevard next to a Speedy 30?
  6. I do not have a pic, but it is def smaller. I think it is like a 25, without the extra space on top.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.