!!! PICS of what came in the mail !!!

  1. Mini Monogram MARIE :yahoo:
    Pics don't do her justice, she's so much prettier IRL! Perfect size & shape and except for the darker handles, she's in near mint condition.
    marie-1.jpg marie-2.jpg marie-3.jpg marie-4.jpg marie-5.jpg marie-6.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, she looks right at home in the familiy pic, congrats!
  3. congrats... it's beautifullll
  4. So cute!
  5. Congrats! I love the shape!
  6. :nuts: GREAT BAG!!! LOVE IT!!!:love:
  7. Very pretty! Congrats and enjoy!!
  8. i love the bag~ it looks stunning! Comgratulations!
  9. Congratulations, very beautiful bag!
  10. :heart: Loves It!:heart:
  11. She is stunning .. I adore the shape of that bag:yahoo:
  12. I was never a huge fan of the Mini Monogram, but that is fabulous!!!
  13. Its lovely!!!:yes:
  14. Niiice!
  15. Congrats i love the color!!
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