Pics of well-loved Jumbo's?

  1. I know this might sound like a weird request...

    ...but can some of you lovely girls post pictures of your well-loved, well-used Jumbo caviar/lambskin bags?

    I just want to see how the Jumbo looks after it's been broken in? I saw someone carrying a jumbo caviar (it didn't look like a vintage, but I could be wrong) yesterday and hers looked like a deflated box. It just looked wrong and abused...i just want to make sure that this is NOT a common occurence...

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. Bumping this!
  3. Here is a link to my black caviar jumbo. it's not vintage but I had it for years, I cannot even remember the excat date when i brought it, it's definately older than 4 years anyways, Used it intenstively and rought it with me on every trip aboard/holidays even... not even a scratch and mine was the old design hence its the single flap.

    I think they are much tougher than i thought they'd be. love the caviar, hassle and trouble free...:cool: