Pics of Violet, new styles for F/W from Matches

  1. i was checking out the matches f/w lookbook for the clothing, and they had some pics of the new bags...
    it's nice to see them on a person...
    gives you a good idea of size...

    violet, could be the brief or the stepping out (£1,065)

    violet step (£700)

    barrel bag, from Barneys trunkshow (£930)

    large shopper with chain detail...haven't seen this style anywhere else (£1,395)
  2. OMG, i just got a new bag and now this? be still my beating heart! i love the step! i wonder it will come in the other colours?

    is it available in stores already?
  3. the first photo- is that the step without anything in it?
  4. I thought the Step was only coming in RH, so I don't think the first picture is a Step, but it also doesn't look like a Brief, so I don't know...

    Will we ever get a picture of the Step when it's not stuffed full?

    Violet is lovely though... I think Ink fills my need for a purple bag, but I can't wait to see everybody else's!
  5. oooh i love violet!
  6. I CAN'T WAIT for Violet!!! I hope it gets here soon!! Every picture I see makes me want one more. Thanks for the pics!
  7. I don't like the color or the style of the step in these pics... it just doesn't stand out...
  8. Wow, Violet looks a lot like Eggplant in the two pics! :wtf: I thought it was going to be more vibrant with a lot of red in it??:confused1:

    Do you know which color the large duffle shaped bag with chain detail(last pic) is? Is it Sienna?? If so, I'm lovin' it!
  9. love violet
  10. I think the first one is the Giant RTT, whatever that is! I thought it was supposed to be smaller than the Brief, but maybe it is just different. I also think it only comes with GH, while the Step only comes with RH. I like the RTT. These are from the Matches lookbook, so I don't think they they have them yet. Too many bags, too many colors, too many choices. :confused1:
  11. Oh my, lovin' these photos, especially the top 2! Thanks, Kimair!
  12. love violet
  13. 1st one looks like the Weekender, no? Love the violet color! One can never have too many purple bags, black pants, and red everything ;).

    And the Sienna looking like leather on the other bag is gorgrous.
  14. whooohoooo!!! I can't wait for the grape/violine

  15. Kimair, THANKS!!!! I love violet and I am intrigued by the step and RTT.