Pics Of Used Birkins In Swift Please?

  1. Hi! After getting some oppinions about the colour for a new birkin, I have decided for a red one. But now I wonder if going for a swift one will be a bad idea after using it as an every day bag.
    I would appreciate to see your used bags in swift. A member who owns a red in swift told me that she doesn't use it as much as her togo, because she fears to get it full of scratches.
    What do you think? The ones who have a swift Birkin, do you think you should have gone for a grained leather instead?? :confused1:
    Please you post pisc!
  2. I don't have an all-swift bag, just a toile/swift lindy that I haven't used yet. But I think someone posted that scratches can't be rubbed out of swift like with some leathers. That being said, I just scratched my togo birkin. I think with any bag, you are going to get dings, rubs etc if you really use it alot.
  3. I'd Like To See Some Photos Of Used Swift Leather...
  4. my swift bags do get stratched easily by 1)me bumping into things (clumsy)
    2)my dogs stepping over my bags 3)my nails! but its a if you love it, get it & wear it!
    The first stratch maybe painful..but soon after, you won't feel a thing!
    And sorry I do not have pictures to show you.
  5. Hi Claravi,

    these are pics of my Bolide, it's used but it's relatively new still. I got it last May and used it heavily over summer, both on rainy and sunny days plus it survived a few airplane rides and the dogs running over it :shame: I don't baby my bags but all I can see on this one is that it's gotten a little floppier. I'll go see if I can find a pic of it new.
    DSC00606.JPG DSC00608.JPG DSC00609.JPG DSC00610.JPG DSC00611.JPG
  6. Here it is, barely out of the box.
    bol1.jpg bol2.jpg
  7. ^^ooh icechick, etoupe in swift is gorgeous! What a pretty Bolide you have.
  8. I LOVE the 1923s!!!!! ICE, your's is SO gorgeous!
  9. icechick, your Boldie is great!! I love it. :smile:
  10. Thanks girls :heart: I really love that bag, it's so versatile and convenient to use. And it's giving me lots of dirty thoughts about a black 35 swift Birkin :graucho:
  11. Dang, that is one gorgeous bag, ice! I'm falling in love with your bag in gold swift, last seen at Wall just takes the colors so richly...
  12. thanks a lot for your advise!:tup:
  13. thanks a lot. your bag is just beautiful. :drool:i'm happy tosee that it looks new, and that you don't regret having chosen that leather!
  14. Hi Claravi

    These are a couple of birkins in swift, a black 30 which I've had for a little over a year and have used daily for months at a time, and a turquoise 35 which was on my arm all summer - neither received any babying. Both have made several transatlantic trips in the overhead locker inside a Longchamp bag. I still use the black on an almost daily basis, but the turquoise has been spending the fall tucked into its box and stuffed with its original plastic pillows.

    They each have a few scratches, but I find that these generally rub off and those that remain aren't really that visible unless I really look for them.



    Hope that helps! Good luck! I'll bet a vermillion swift bag will look stunning.

    [edit] My SA actually had to convince me to take the black one. At the time I remember being unsure about getting it, but now I can't imagine a day without it.
  15. Swift Kelly. I really like this leather; it's not as impressive as other leathers, but as gina said, you don't have to baby it. Also, the bright colors really shine in Swift.