Pics of Ursula on shoulder

  1. A fellow tpf'er has asked for pics of the Ursula worn over shoulder. I did not know how to send pics on a pm so I am starting a thread to show the pics.


    IMG_3313.jpg IMG_3306.jpg IMG_3317.jpg
  2. Thank you! It looks very very pretty on you!

    I :heart: THIS BAG!
  3. Wow it looks good but its bigger than I thought!!!
  4. Cute! Thanks for posting! I LOVE it in black!
  5. very nice, thanks for the pix!
  6. I love this bag these photos make me want to go buy one.
  7. The Ursula is growing on me.... It looks really nice on you!!
  8. Very nice on you thanks for pics!
  9. love it in black but, wonder what does it look like in white... has anyone seen it in white...I already have the aurellia mm in black mc....this ursula bag is it permanent???
  10. I love it!!! Mine was shipped fedex on april 2nd and I still don't have it yet!!! I will soon lose my mind!