pics of twiggy-rogue pod combo?

  1. i am so happy to see that new pods are being made since i missed them the first time round. i searched the forum but couldn't find any pics of what the pod looks like on a twiggy, would anyone have pics? (of course, any other pics of your lovely bags-twiggy or not- and pods would most welcome:smile:)
  2. i missed that announcement. where did you read/hear that?
  3. I like the pods and they seem very well made, but the pix on them are kinda creepy to me. Maybe this batch will be different?

  4. oh, i just meant that rogue has put some new ones on eBay, including some beautiful ones in fishskin.

    here is the link to her auctions:
  5. hmmm wow fishskin! that looks interesting....
  6. I really like them!!!! They're so cute!!!