Pics of Turquoise and Buton d'Or Twiggy-They're Beautiful!!!

Hi starbabe, ITA. Yellow is my all-time-favorite color and I've seen so many wonderful pics from fPF that made me in love with Buton d'Or.

However, each time I'm in store and try this color (believe me, I've tried it many many times as I'm not sure but am always tempted), I'm put off by the neon green color tone. I also LOVE banana-ish yellow! :heart:

Well, I believe that I will still go to the store to try the Twiggy, just to be sure...
I have 2 of the Bouton D'Or yellow bags, one in a city and the other a messenger and they are a true yellow. Could it be that when you try them on in the store, the lighting in the store causes you to see a greenish tint?? I know the lighting has a lot to do with color.

Can you maybe take them to the door of the store to really see the true color? Just a thought, because this really is a dynamite yellow and I hat to see you turned off because it looks green to you. Good luck on maybe trying again. :smile:


Nov 26, 2006
The yellow twiggy is so cute. I saw a first, a messenger bag and a GSH city in Yellow @ NM, Las Vegas. I caompared them side by side. The first has green undertone; however, the meassenger and city are more real yellow. I would love to have a first in banana yellow. So, I haveto keep searching for it.


Sep 4, 2007
if only that bouton d'or twiggy really look like that shade of yellow in the pic i'd buy it, cos when i see them in the store, they all look more neon green than banana-ish yellow :Push:
I agree! Everytime I see a Bouton on TPF it's sucha a canary yellow shade, very warm. And then I keep reminding myself that when I saw it in the store, it was such a neon cool yellow-green!


Jun 12, 2007
They are so cute!!!! Can I ask if both of the colors are close to real cuz i've never seen both of them... my city doesn't have b-bags... Thank you!!!