pics of Treasure Boston bag, anyone?

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  1. Does anyone own the Gucci Treasure Boston like the one pictured below? It'll be great if I could see some pics of the bag cuz i'm thinking of getting one but still deciding! :wlae:
  2. can the treasure boston be carried on the shoulder comfortably? does anyone know? thanks to all who can help!!!
  3. that treasure bag is gorg! dont have one but i saw it in the store and its pretty!
  4. i saw it in the shop as well and YES, it was a REAL BEAUTY! I've never fallen in love with a Gucci as hard as i've fallen for this bag! Anywayz, i tried carrying it but i think it looks best carrying it on your hand/wrists? ... not on the shoulders. This bag is a bit too big for carrying it on the shoulders... there's a smaller size (half the size) but then again it doesn't really fit for carrying it on the shoulder..