Pics of Toki bus

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  1. Did anyone check out JapanLA's blog. There are pics of a Toki bus. Very cool! :supacool:
  2. oh yeah I saw the pics of the bus .. very cool indeed!! If that came rolling down the street here I'd probably start screaming .. OMGGGG!! lol
  3. I know...I saw it :tup: I want Simone to pimp my car...when I get it lol.
  4. Really mad cool! I saw also their room design for FOX, I want them to come decorate mine! I'll stay awake just staring at the walls!
  5. If I still loooove tokidoki by the time I have a child, which will be years from now anyway, I'm definitely going to paint a tokidoki wall for my baby!!
  6. :shocked: I nearly SCREAMED when I saw the pics on the blog!! Haha I would scream for real if I were to see it IRL..

    Maya & pinkpeony - I saw the FOX rooms too! They're so beautiful!! I would totally paint tokidoki x Disney for my future kids room! (and possibly my room too :lol:)
  7. FOX rooms...?

    "Wolfsburg / Copenhagen, April 2005. “When we talk of 21 artists, there are actually almost 40. Most of the artists participated in different groups and set-ups,” explains Kim Pörksen, artistic site manager for Project FOX. Pörksen was responsible for coordination between the artists, the hotel management, the architects, the suppliers and the workers. He made sure “that this enormous anthill kept moving without people treading on each other’s feet”.

    And it worked: 61 rooms in the Park Hotel on Jarmers Plads, in the centre of one of Copenhagen’s coolest districts, are ready for the first guests. Just four months after work was started, a unique lifestyle hotel unlike any other across the world is opening with the Hotel FOX. The artists who took part in the project have designed unbelievably beautiful rooms. There are fertility rooms with enormous beds covered with velvet and dreamy rooms featuring magical woodland creatures. There are large, hairy monsters, who watch over guests as they sleep, rooms with elves and kings and others with Mexican wrestlers, Japanese geishas and Alpine comic illustrations. They feature excellent graphic design, round corners, soft edges and wood. Wood is used as veneer on furniture, for patterns on a total of 32 new wallpapers that were developed especially for the Hotel FOX. No room is the same as the other."
  9. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I likey!!
  10. Dana: That's awwwwwwwwwwsoome!!
  11. hehe arent they?! I'd love to visit that hotel and see the bus IRL!! BTW, I hope things were alright for you last night Robyn! :yes:
  12. i want to get a mini cooper and have decals like that!
    i wouldnt mind living in that RV
  13. I wonder if they will make decals we can put on the car....oh please! lol.

    Dana, you're funny you would scream...I would reach for my camera lol or try to take a pic by it! haha.
  14. Hahaha as you can tell from last night, I dont really have a loud voice.. but I'd still scream!! haha :lol:

    I really wish they made stickers/decals!! Those would really sell!!