PICS of the wallets I got and my carly decision.........

  1. okay ladies, so a while back I asked your opinion on which carly bag I should keep, the slim in parchment or the large in angora................well I STILL HAVE NOT decided! But I did decide that I would return one of the three wallets I got. Alot of you mentioned wanting to see them in here is a pic:

    the one going back is #41173 - it's a really nice wallet but it's just too white to match the off-white color leather on the carlys.

    I am still debating between the other two and can't for the life of me make a decision. I mean they both have pros and cons:

    #40753 - signature slim in parchment - matches the color on the carlys perfectly but I'm afraid that over time with the light fabric on the zip around, it will look soo dirty. But I love the legacy stripe lining inside

    #41087 - patchwork in multi - this is a LIMTED EDITION wallet, so it's a def "shoe in" but the inside is off-white colored and I'm afraid it'll get dirty as well. But the diff colors on it are TDF!


    coach.jpg largeset.JPG slimset.JPG wallets.jpg
  2. I like #41087 best between the 2 wallets. And I think I like the large Carly a little better. I like the thicker leather on the large one.
  3. I like the large Angora Carly with the parchment wallet.

    I think that wallet is the best match and the legacy stripe lining is awesome.

    I don't think the parchment would get to dirty and I like the functionality of the zip wallet than the other one.
  4. Where did you get the middle wallet and how much was it? Also how many inside pockets does it has and credit card slips? I love it! Thanks
  5. I like #40753 the most and I think it looks best with the large Carly.
  6. I like #40753 with the large Carly. Good luck :tup:
  7. I like 87 w/ the Carly!!!!!
  8. I LOVE #40753. I love the zip around wallets. And that shade of white matches the shade of the Carlys. And I still think you should keep the Lg. Carly. That bag is stunning. The slim is pretty too, but I think the large is remains true to the style of the Carly. Good luck in deciding and let us know what you decide!
  9. My vote is Large Angora Carly and #40753 wallet :smile:

    They are a perfect match, and I love the zip around!

    I just love the large Carly's and I like the thicker leather strap on it :smile:
  10. I like #40753 best and I would keep the large Carly (so pretty). That wallet is the perfect match, IMO!
  11. either of these .. prefer the zip around

  12. I wish you could throw the two wallets together. I love the zip around function, but I LOVE the way the LE wallet looks. It's so gorgeous! But I think 41087 looks much better with your carlys. It's not too matchy,matchy, and I would get all excited everytime I pulled out that wallet from my bag.

    I can't help withe the carlys. I say whichever one feels better on your shoulder and holds what you need to hold. GOOD LUCK!!
  13. Totally wallet 40753 (the one on the left) with Large Angora Carly!!!
  14. I like 40753 best with the large Carly :tup: If you really like the other wallet though, keep it since it is a limited edition. :yes:
  15. Great choices! I like the Parchment Zip Around Wallet. :tup: