Pics of the Truffle Margot!!

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  1. I took pics of this bag first - as I have been meaning to for a few days now.
    This is the bag I was able to get for 15% off last week (before running into my great deal on the Grey Alyona). I wanted to post this bag here to get opinions - b/c she really is expensive and after find the Alyona - I'm wondering if another miracle could happen and I could find this too later on in the year. I absolutely love her - I'm not loving the price though. I'm also wondering if it looks too similar to the Alyona - or if the Alyona is actually a nicer bag? The longer strap is removable - I think it looks funny wearing it and having the other handles hang down...I think the big strap reallly hangs too low to be worn on the bag all the time. I don't see a use for it. As you can see - the flash picks up the stitching...I took a pic in natural day light b/c it really isn't that vibrant as the flash makes it seem. Thanks for your input!:heart:

    also, this bag is available in black and milk (too light). I have other black quilted bags and no brown - so that's why I didn't consider the black.
    IMG_1664 [800x600].JPG IMG_1671 [800x600].JPG IMG_1683 [800x600].JPG IMG_1684 [800x600].JPG IMG_1670 [800x600].JPG
  2. some more...
    IMG_1673 [800x600].JPG IMG_1665 [800x600].JPG IMG_1676 [800x600].JPG IMG_1688 [800x600].JPG
  3. I really like it. I think the Alyona is more beautiful, but I feel that the Margot is the most practical of the quilted bags (I don't believe a solid chain strap is practical - in terms of weight or comfort on bare skin).
  4. OMG, I don't envy having to make this call!
    This is a Beautiful quilted shoulder bag with a comfy leather strap:girlsigh:.

    I say keep both!
  5. ohhh the Margot is a beautiful bag on you! :tup: and it looks practical too. can you wear it crossbody with the longer strap? seriously looking at your pics has got me interested in the Margot!

    I have to say tho... personally I am partial to grey. I would go for the grey Alyona over the Margot based on color alone. Do you have any pics of your Alyona?
  6. What a difficult decision. I really like the Margot but also like the Alyona in Grey...I think you should definitely just keep both. You got a great deal on the Alyona anyway :smile: If only one must be chosen, my vote goes to the Alyona...
  7. beautiful!
  8. honestly, i think the alyona is a much more classic bag. plus i think the grey is gorgeous. my vote is for the alyona- i don't particularly love the margot. sorry.
  9. Gorgeous bag, but I'ld agree that the Aloyna is much more classic and I love the grey.
  10. Very pretty bag, but right now I like the other bag you found better. Dunno why, cause I :love: this color over the other, but something about the other... yummy. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.
  11. I really love the Truffle!! That shade of brown is gorgeous, IMHO. I am really partial to brown, though. I am glad you posted these pics. I have been wanting a Truffle Stam, but I have not seen one IRL. Your pics sealed the deal.....must have Truffle Stam!!!

    Either way you go, you'll have a beautiful bag. I like them both. I guess it just depends which one you REALLY love and will get the most use from...
  12. The Margot is a beautiful shape. I think it looks great on you. I see what you mean about the strap... I think I would remove it if you plan on using it as a shoulder bag.
  13. i have very little to no self-discipline when it comes to mj, so i would want you to keep both. the grey alyona is a beautiful bag and you got it for such an amazing price. that means you should be able to keep the margot too, right? you got a deal on both these bags! the color of the margot is so rich and gorgeous. plus it's a style that i haven't seen anyone else wearing. i've seen lots of people with the alyona in manhattan. on the other hand, fall 07 grey is one of my favorite mj colors. keep both! that way, you won't have to decide. honestly, i have so many mj bags. they share so many similar qualities and details that they all sort of look alike to me, but i love them all anyway! before i forget, congrats!
  14. Oh, do you have pics of the Alyona? I definitely like the style of that bag better but have never seen it in the grey so would love to see a pic to be sure!
  15. Hmm, this is a tough decision. I agree that the long strap looks awkward (although I agree with a previous poster who said to try the strap cross-body, that might look really good), but it looks great over your shoulder. I also love the truffle color (actually like it better without the flash, it's a gorgeous rich brown).
    Which bag is more comfortable, the Margot or the Alonya? And which one do you think you'll use more (does gray or brown go better with your wardrobe)? Do you have other gray bags? Post pics of yourself wearing the Alonya, and we'll all help you decide!