Pics of the Toledo Blue Speedy!!!!! She's TDF!!!

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  1. Well, here she is ladies, and I have to say.....OMG!!!! This bag was born in 2000 and feels like she never was used! Perfect, perfect, perfect condition!! The leather, the inside, everything!!! I LOVE SPEEDIES!!!!!!

    Enjoy the pics!! The pics of me holding it are a little dark cause the lighting in my room is dark. Also the family pics show it a little bit brighter than it really is.
    DSCN0669.jpg DSCN0671.jpg DSCN0667.jpg DSCN0668.jpg
  2. Great Family Speedy pics! Look great and congrats!:flowers:
  3. Gorgeous family you got there, congrats again!!!
  4. I cant believe she's born in 2000 :wtf: She looks like new :wtf:

    Congrats x 1000!!! I love all your speedys, they are just TDF :heart::heart:
  5. Congrats :smile:
  6. LOVE the bag it´s stunning!!
  7. Gosh you have a gone speedy happy! They are so great! Now I think I need a speedy! :o)
  8. Nice family! Congrats!
  9. Thanks ladies, however I hope to be aquiring the "End All" speedy soon!! wink,wink
  10. ohh very nice!! youv got a nice family growing there!
  11. Gooorgeous Bag +color :heart::love:
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute family pic :biggrin:

    congrats dear =)
  12. Traci, she's amazing! love all your speedies! :heart:333333333333333333
  13. them :drool: :nuts:
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!:love:
  15. Love the color, so vibrant. Congrats! Love all your speedies!
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