Pics of The Star-Studded Screenings of Dreamgirls and Children of Men

Jan 23, 2006

The Cinema Society's Andrew Saffir capped off a year of screenings with a pair of back-to-back, late-December celeb fests. Last Thursday, Dreamgirls' Golden Globe contender Jennifer Hudson looked every inch the movie star as she posed alongside fans like Michael Kors. "I've never experienced such a mix of emotions," she said, on her reaction to the nomination. "I had to perform two minutes later [on Today], so everyone was like, 'Don't cry! Don't cry!'" More validation came from the standing-room-only audience attending the Cinema Society event at the Tribeca Grand. The guests—who included designers Marc Jacobs, Francisco Costa, and Isaac Mizrahi, along with A-listers Marcia Gay Harden and Glenn Close—broke into applause after each musical number and gave a rousing cheer when Hudson's name rolled in the credits.

Saffir's next act, Monday's Children of Men showing, reunited cast mates Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, along with the film's director, Alfonso Cuarón. "Hello, stranger!" Owen greeted Moore enthusiastically upon spotting her, his arms stretched wide. The admiration was clearly mutual. "I adore him," Moore said. "He's a wonderful actor and very, very funny. We laughed all the time on the set." Laughter might seem an odd reaction given the dystopian nature of the movie—it's set in 2027 at a time when humans can no longer procreate and the world is in a barely contained state of brutal chaos—but Owen disagreed. "People have talked about this being a bleak movie, but it's full of humor and humanity," he said. His director didn't necessarily seem to share Owen's optimistic outlook, though. Asked about his holiday plans, Cuarón shook his head and said, "To disappear from planet Earth for a while!" Sounds like an idea for his next film.
— Alison Baenen