Pics of the newest Pocket Scarf and Coffe Mug!!

  1. Here is the Pocket Scarf hubby got for me in England, and also the most beautiful mug I have ever laid eyes on. I got that online as they do not sell Mugs in England Only tea cups!!! Anyway, I don't think I'm going to drink out of it, I put it in my hutch. If I broke it I would just die!!
    P1010009.jpg DSCN0444.jpg DSCN0445.jpg
  2. tr - both are beautiful!! And please use the coffee cup!
  3. It's a beautiful mug. For the price you paid for it, I wouldn't use it either. Just admire it.
  4. Gorgeous mug!!!!!!
  5. Gorgeous!!! I love your scarf (I just got it in blue!) And that mug is TDF!!!! :flowers:
  6. NO NO NO...use that mug. It was made to be used. It will make you really enjoy your coffee and will make you smile. Don't let it get is too short!!!
  7. The scarf is beautiful too, but WOW - that mug is soooooo gorgeous. I'd have trouble using it as well, but please try! It's too pretty to just sit there!
  8. I agree - use the mug!!! The scarf is so pretty!
  9. Beautiful pocket scarf and mug! Your hubby did good on the scarf!

    Use the mug!! :flowers:
  10. Wonderful scarf, wonderful mug! Use both in good health and enjoy!
  11. I also agree -- USE the mug!! You will enjoy it every day - both are so pretty! Did dh have the scarf sent to you?
  12. beautiful scarf! did you tell hubby what style you wanted or did he pick it himself?? he did good!!

    the mug is very pretty, i would be scared to use it too!!
  13. Beautiful Hermes pieces!! ++ for DH!! Using the beautiful mug would be a wonderful start to a beautiful day!!:tender: Or, you could just admire it from afar, sipping from another mug!!:lol:
  14. I love the scarf and that mug is just gorgeous!!! Use it, and use it often! It will make you smile every time! Just gorgeous!
  15. He picked out the scarf all by himself. i just said something "pink". He picked a good one!!! Of course, he called the design on it "belts". Whatever that means!!!