Pics of the New SS08 Yellow

  1. So my SA calls me to tell me that that the first jaune that I ordered was cancelled by Balenciaga. I wasn't very happy and ask about the new yellow, she told me should would try to check with their buyer. Anyway, got a photo in the email from her today!! She told me over the phone was a bright almost fluro yellow. Anyway, here is the photo. Enjoy guys. Not too sure about the colour but I put my name down for a Giant Handle...hope they dont end up cancelling this one. Have to see this one in person.

  2. sorry...pic source from cultstatus
  3. omg that is bright!!!
  4. luv the fluero!
  5. WOW that is bright!
  6. I like it with gold hardware!
  7. Love It ! Thanks For The Pics
  8. I'll try to get some more pics of them off them tomorrow.
  9. IM in L:heart:VE
    Thanks for posting..
  10. Whoa! Highlighter yellow! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  11. That sure is a bright yellow, thanks for posting.
  12. thanks for posting the pic:smile: not my color, but I'm sure it'll look great with someone else--so cheerful and bright!
  13. WOW, this is a very bright yellow!
  14. thank u so much for lighting up my day with this color!!
  15. wow the yellow is bright....thanks for sharing!!