Pics of the new Onatah!! I love it!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!:P

    here are pics of the new Onatah GM Cuir in the new yummy leather! Very nice if you like the subtle LV look. I can't wait to see and feel this one real life...the look book said that it will be coming in this brown color, as well as raspberry (not framoise like the vernis...but more of a plum color, based on what I saw...:love: It also showed pics of of the other pieces in Onatah, such as the pochette, pm...etc

    so what do you all think...I personally love it! I did not check the price on it though...anyone see it in the look book?:flowers:
    img10613732247.jpg img10613732249.jpg
  2. I LOVE it!!!!! How much, how much, how much??????
  3. Isn't it FABULOUS!!!!:yahoo:
  4. The material is really cool, but hobo bags are just not my style.
    I'm sure a lot of people here love it though! :smile:
  5. MMMMMM... Onatah...
  6. OMG I LOVE IT....I am surprised I reminds me of a coach bag my little sister has....the SHAPE...not the bag $$$???
  7. :drool:
  8. p.s. i love the lining!

    and this bag reminds me of horses for some reason.
  9. About $1570 ;)
  10. Me too.
  11. thanks Lee for the the way on a different note...this happens to be my...1000th Post....yippee!!! and in my own thread too!! I love this forum!!:flowers: :flowers:
  12. :yahoo:
    :yahoo: AWESOME!!!!
  13. lol Jamie you are too cute :smile:

  14. hehe...thanks guys...I know I'ma dork!!
  15. :yahoo: Congrats on your 1000th post !!!:drinks: :tispy: