Pics of the new Love 2!! Thoughts??

  1. Credits to jlinds for finding these (and posting link in the Shopping forum) on eBay and to eBoutique for pics and listing...

    I THINK this is the ecru PM...

    And I think this is the ecru GM...


    Personally I think the PM is large enough for me but too bad it's not a shoulder bag!! I love this!! I definitely expected the LOVE logo to look a tad better (maybe not as puffy?) and I'm not feeling the gold "tag" on the back (looks a tad fake?) but oh my am I in LVOE!!!

    5 more days until expected release!!!!!
  2. im not loving it in the pics maybe irl it would look better x
  3. Wow - the logo really does look a bit puffy, doesn't it? And the plate does look kind of chunky... maybe that's their new thing? I'm not really feeling it... (thank god). Btw, Karman... what are prices?
  4. i think they're not that bad. the price is ok, nice for summer.
  5. I really like it! I really love that khaki color!
  6. Hmm i don't know..
    I think i will have to see it irl.
    Thanks for the pictures :smile:
  7. i don't know, not loving it...
  8. Not feeling it. I don't like the 3d nature of it....the LV looks wobbly!
  9. eh. the style is a tad bit seasonal.
  10. I think this entire LVoe2 collection looks really cheap.............. Although the embroidery on the LE satin LVoe1 totes wasn't all that impressive to me, I'd rather buy these than the LVoe2 bags....
  11. eh....not liking it...
  12. looks okay
  13. I don't like it.......... that's just MHO
  14. Cute!
  15. I think its real cute!