Pics of the new Fall Jewelry pieces finally!

  1. As some of you will remember, I posted this thread last week:

    I finally received the printout today which came directly from the lookbook. From the pics, Nita (bagsnbags) was correct, the black WILL be re-released only with colored stones this time around as opposed to the bronze and clear that were in the first release. Second, the gray will be GORGEOUS, IMO because it appears that the LV pieces on the inside are actually silver colored instead of the typical gold. I think I might actually like the GM version of this one also! So without further ado, the printout is attached and includes the Ala Folie line, the Bubbles/Inclusion necklace and others. :love:
  2. Oh wow i love the look of all of them!
    Thanks for the picture!
  3. WOW! IF the LVs are silver then that is wonderful! I would prefer one with silver LVs. Is that charms baroque a necklace? I love that.
  4. It does appear to be a neckace. :yes:
    Also, not all pieces are pictured so there may be more pieces coming out than pictured (for example, barrettes and rings in the Inclusion line).
  5. OOH! GREY inclusion! i might have to boycott this forum for a while to aviod breaking the bank on one of those beauties!
  6. Cute!
  7. Wow, I loooove the grey inclusion! Can't wait! Thanks for the pic Rebecca! :heart:
  8. ^^I know, I'm dying. I think I just might need the GM too! Arghh.
  9. ooh that'd be nice with the silver. thanks for the pics!
  10. Wow, I :heart: it all! Especially, the gray inclusion bracelet :drool::love:
  11. OOOOhhhh!!!! New Color !!!!!!
    I hope they have this in the barrette GM !! I am so liking all the new pieces!!
    Thanks for the update, Lvbabydoll !!!!!
    Do you know the launchdate, BTW ??
  12. Rebecca, you're awesome as always to share the new news! Can't wait for the black to be re-released!
  13. No problem. :smile:

    I don't know the exact date yet, it's slated for October...based on past release dates, I'd estimate about the 1st or the 15th?
  14. Aw lol. :shame:

    I just had to share it with everyone, it was too good to keep to myself lol.
  15. WHOA. Thank you for posting this. I need the black inclusion bracelet. I am not going to second guess and wait this time. Woo, sign me up!