Pics of the Navy Ink or Rain Forest in Action?

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  1. Hi All -

    I'm toying with a Medium Marcie Satchel and I'm torn on color. Normally I'd go for the Tan, but I already own the Small Faye Backpack in Tan and not sure if I want to duplicate even though the bags are very different. The Nut Brown is a little too on the yellow side for me.

    I like the Navy Ink in theory - it looks like a good neutral. I also noticed Rain Forest which could be interesting. Does anyone have either of these colors or have you seen them IRL? Pics and/or thoughts would be wonderful and welcome!

    I don't have a Chloe boutique near me but I do have a Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus so I'll try to swing by this week and see what they have in stock.