Pics of the Latest Agenda!!!! Suhali!!!

  1. So, here is the latest Agenda purchase.

    It's the PM Suhali Agenda in Geranium.
    fro.jpg ins.jpg back.jpg
  2. That is absolutely beautiful!
  3. the color is TDF!!!! it is so very perdy.... i think i want it...what size is it ???
  4. Congrats! It's beautiful. Is this the last one?
  5. I love that color, so beautiful!

  6. It's the smaller one the PM, it's 6" x 4".
  7. I want that agenda to match my cles now! But I am dieing for black suhali!!
  8. OO:huh::huh:O methinks i may have to take a lil walk outside now..LV calling my name...

  9. That's too funny!! Now I want the cles to match the agenda!!!
  10. You gotta keep this one ! It's gorgeous !
  11. That is stunning ... I saw a girl carrying a geranium le tal today but I prefer it in smaller items:shame: Do you have a photo of the agenda with your new bag???:cutesy:
  12. Here is the requested pics of the bag and agenda together.

    Yes! I am keeping this one, I love it!!! I'ts soooo pretty :heart: !
    bag.jpg bags.jpg
  13. Pretty! I love the color. Congrats!
  14. :love: the color!
  15. the color is so gorgeous...congrats!!