Pics of the inside your hermes w/ accessories!

  1. Please post pics of your goodies in your bag. Other threads have just had the goodies displayed outside of your beautiful hermes..I want to see your gorgeous accessoires ACTUALLY in your bag!!
  2. Here's the inside of my Evelyne PM2 with a medium Chameleon insert. The H items are a Dogon wallet in Vert Anis togo with brown stitching, a PM Ulysse agenda in Bleu Jean and the zippered pouch that came with my Dogon for change but I use it to hold my iPod.

  3. Well, things have changed a little for S'Mom but as of a few weeks ago, this is what was inside my Vintage 32cm Black Box Kelly.....

    Rouge H BERN w/Palladium, Noisette AGENDA, Gold KARO GM, no-name black business card holder, fun measuring tape, Tiffany silver pen, Rouge H CARMEN keyholder, Rouge H gloves, red patent leather cc holder.