Pics of the Expandable Flap

  1. My SA sent me pictures of the black expandable flap. They just got them in.




  2. Awesome! Thank u so much for posting!
  3. I have been dying to see this modeled!! It is nice and big. Thanks.
  4. T4P. I am undecided on this one.
  5. MY SA from Chanel called me today.she has a black one put aside for me..I LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ooohhh! Thank you! I've been aiting for pics of this!!!

    I still cannot decide between this and the tote .....

    think I am still leaning towards the tote tho
  7. OOOOHH!! Lovely...Thanx for posting!!!

    Jill you are killing me...Thanx GOD you get all these bags!!! W/o you we wouldn't know what the heck is out there!!! You're posting pics when you get it..right?!?
  8. LOL EMMY!
    I should have it black...heehee...Im going to hell in a handbag for sure...AND I just booked another Aruba trip with my ten yr old for April I need to CHILL on spending...after this chanel..heehee!!!!
  9. Does anyone know if Saks received theirs? My fingers are crossed that they come in before next week's event...
  10. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. The pic that showed the lady to model with this Flap actually makes me want it less. Maybe a white color one will look better in this design(in my opinion only). I am glad that I feel that way cuz from the look of the waiting list which I am on...I might never get it with all those names ahead of me. *sigh*
  11. ^^^It looks like they left the stuffing in the bag when modeling. The bag has a nice slouchy look when it's not filled with tissue.

  12. $$$ Yup I hear ya!! One more Chanel next week and I'm done until the fall bags come out...:nuts: Good for you going back to Aruba....You are NOT going back to return the Gucci stuff....I hope!!! I love Aruba...I think we should arrange a pf'rs Vay-K there....:graucho:

    As for the expandable...I can see how the bag would look differently w/o all the stuffing...can't wait until someone gets this...Oh yeah that's right...Can't wait until JILL gets this!!!
  13. i have seen this delicious confection IRL tried her on and if i had the $, would buy her in an INSTANT she is beautiful, sturdy, classic yet with an edginess...........and Petals, Chanel Bal Harbour just got them in and they are at Chanel Palm Beach too heehee :yahoo:
    there's a drawstring one too but imo this is the best
  14. ooh it looks quite nice! i love how slouchy and soft it looks! thanks for sharing pics :biggrin:

  15. LOL.Actually there is ONE more Gucci bag I need to buy at the lower price tag in Aruba..heehee..THEN I stop shopping(Umm..................NOT!):rolleyes: :wlae: :graucho:Im in love with the stuff I just bought there...Already all in use and well loved...