PICS of the Cabas Cruise GM

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  1. I started a new thread b-cuz I didnt want the pics to get lost in the middle of my old thread. I should have waited to take all pics at once.

    Anyway here is the Cabas worn without the strap, with the strap and on the shoulder.

    Everything is still in plastic b-cuz I just opened it last night and am still being very careful. LOL

    ***Anyone who is on the fence about this bag....GET IT!!!

    SO many people are going to regret this once its all gone.

    MARK MY WORDS!!! :supacool:
    cabas1.jpg cabas2.jpg cabas3.jpg Cruisecabas.jpg
  2. Very pretty, looks great on you MJ!:graucho: J/K!
  3. gorgeous it the same size as the stephen give or take an inch???
  4. Okay...Im caving hand is on the phone...tell it about the same size as the Stephen?
  5. Nice!
  6. Its bigger than the stephen give or take a few inches on the each side.

    That's when it its carried in the keep its shape.

    If you carry it on the shoulder it spills over on both sides and is MUCH longer than the it depends on how you carry it
  7. It is gorgeous.
  8. :yes::yes: The bag looks great on you :smile:

  9. Congrats!

    Really sweet!
  10. Beautiful, and it looks great on you! Congrats!
  11. I like it more and more each time I see it :yes: , it really suits you! Congrats again!
  12. I really love this bag. I actually had the pleaty on my shoulder the other day..the one with a ton of charms hanging off it and it was so cute. Do you mind me asking what the retail on the cabas is?
  13. looks fab on you! :yes:
  14. I love it. Congrats.
  15. This one is $2070 I beleive