Pics of the BV Chicago Loot!

  1. I was able to get some pics this morning...
    First are the ebano triplets. A wallet for the DH, a tassel keychain, and the frog coin purse..rrrrrribit!
    threeebv.jpg ebwallet.jpg ebkeychain.jpg ebfrogcoin.jpg
  2. And finally...the woven Karung LE Palermo bag. This is a cool bag with the three piece frame and the bronze-y pewter metallic suede lining. The suede lining is hard to photograph, but it does have a bronze character mixed with pewter. And I love the way BV used a single skin for the front compartment. It is workmanship like this that really made me a fan. I know y'all aren't exotics lovers, but BV really outdid themselves on this one:
    palermokarung.jpg palermokarung1.jpg palermokarung2.jpg palermokarung3.jpg palermokarung4.jpg
  3. Lovely Ebano goodies you got there jburgh. Sweet of you to think of DH too.

    And how cute is this!
  4. And this is such a pretty bag. Love the vintage feel.

  5. I know, I just adore the froggie coin purse. I wish they made it in a medium green.
  6. ^ I think they did. A member here once posted a green one if my memory serves me right.
  7. Wow, jburgh, I`m speechless!

    The tassle keyholder and the froggie are really cute, but that Palermo bag is just unbelievably gorgeous. How that suede lining shines through and the pattern of the skin on the front! I haven`t been a fan of the two exotic bags you posted recently, but I really like this one!
  8. What a great haul! So sweet of you to remember DH. Ebano is my favorite BV color. The Karung palermo is just stunning. :heart:
  9. C_24: I didn't like those other two exotics (from , either. I had never been to a BV boutique at that point. I think they must save the good stuff for the boutiques. The cobra bag I saw there was TDF. As was the tiger snake, croc, and stingray.

    Like ms piggy mentioned the Palermo does have a vintage feel. It transports you to another era.
  10. Love the palermo-- it is gorgeous. I even think I like it more than the exotic Choos :drool:
  11. jburgh, I just set your froggie coin purse pic as my background:nuts:, it's so cheerful!! I looove anything ebano, and of course, many congrats on your LE purse too!!!
  12. Many congrats Jburgh, Love the exotic palermo and the froggie purse is sooo adorable, love the whole loot, you've made some great choices!
  13. Jburg! Congratulations and I am so envious of your quick and successive BV acquisitions! They are all beautiful. I saw the exact same Karung bag at my BV outlet store yesterday and was tempted to get it too. It is even more beautiful IRL!
  14. I've bumped the old thread ms piggy was talking about that had the green frog. It is SOOOOO cute - both in green and ebano. I really think the animal coin purses are lovely and think the bright colours are so nice - say in red or something happy like that...

    And jburgh I'm speechless about the Karung Palermo bag (handy that I'm therefore writing instead)! I agree that it has a great feel to it - brand new vintage!
  15. Where on earth is there a BV outlet!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: