Pics of the burberry beaton??

  1. Has anyone bought this bag yet?? Does anyone have modelling pics of it??
  2. I would love to see a photo of someone with this bag. I tried it on a month or 2 ago at Bloomingdales & I thought it was too big. Then I tried it on a week or 2 ago at the Burberry store and thought it looked just right! I think the Bloomies store had too much paper stuffed into it. At any rate, I think it is overpriced just a bit considering it is not all leather.
  3. I think i'm too used to chanel's pricing! this actually seems fair to me. :rolleyes:

    I'm going to the store tmr to check it out! :wlae:
  4. Do tell...what did you think?
  5. I would love to see a pic of it.
  6. here it is
  7. I LOVED IT. Looks so nice when handheld!! It's huge but very stylish. I love how there's a large interior compartment for you to hid your wallet from pickpockets.

    1) Patent attracts many fingerprints. If only it were distressed!! You'd need to polish it often.

    2) Lining is of poor quality. This bothers me a lot. I'd expect leather lining for a bag that's 2000+ (like for bottega veneta :heart:). This lining feels cheap and fragile.

    3) Handle is very stiff. I think it'll hurt on your shoulder if you had a lot of stuff in it.

    All in all, the style is VERY nice. One of the most stylish bags this season. However the poor quality of the interior alone is minus 2-3 points (out of a perfect 10).
  8. I hope that will be helpful, that's VB with silver Beaton.
    I didn't see bag IRL, but I'm drooling over pictures. On there are a few variants of the bag.
  9. I love it
  10. Dude, they had that bag at Woodbury Commons for 250.... :wtf:
  11. I love it!!!!!
  12. Wow, it looks really big on VB. Does is come in different sizes? I like the shape, but it seems too big for me.
  13. yay..!I love it!
  14. Has anyone bought the baby Beaton? I love it in the matte metallic grey/pewter. Just wondering if you still loved it after purchasing. I'm trying to be good (med school loans and all), but I really love this bag. Aaarrggghhh.
  15. I just got the baby beaton in chocolate. :love: