Pics of the Blue Jean 35cm Togo Birkin I bought.

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  1. Dear Everyone,

    Some of you may remember the thread where I mentioned how I purchased a blue jean 35cm togo birkin to sell on ebay, and after taking these pictures I am thinking of any scheme I can think of to be able to afford it for myself. It is very pretty, and the same size and color as another forum member purchased this week! Ironic.

    With these photos, you can covet it right along with me, because I just don't know how I can afford it right now. But oh, so pretty! I keep telling myself that I'll get another color, or find another one some day... can anyone inform me as to a better color? Or the likelyhood of finding another one? Advice please...

    I think I will post another thread in the sellers area too, but I thought you all would appreciate the photos as well.


    Blue Birkin 1.jpg

    Blue birkin 3.jpg

    Birkin v2 1 back.jpg

    Blue Birkin Side Smaller.jpg

    Blue Birkin side 1_edited-1.jpg

    Blue Birkin 16.jpg

    Blue Birkin 17.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 51.jpg

    Birkin v2 2.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 15_edited-1.jpg
  2. Blue Birkin 7_edited-1.jpg

    Blue Birkin 9.jpg

    Birkin v2 large 4.jpg

    Birkin v2 large detail.jpg

    close 7.jpg

    close 9.jpg

    detail 3.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 39.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 2.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 3.jpg
  3. Hermes Birkin 7.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 9.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 10.jpg

    Birkin looking down closed.jpg


    Keys 1.jpg

    Hermes Birkin 43.jpg

    hermes zipper stamp.jpg
  4. I was just wondering what your markup is going to be. Nice photos!
  5. Maybe you should post it in Marketplace instead of here in the Hermes thread as it is an item for sale.
  6. It's gorgeous! I Pm'd you!!!
  7. I'm seriously drooling over here!!!! It's gorgeous! :love: :love: Nice pics too. pls post link when you put it on ebay.
  8. A VERY late congrats girl! :biggrin: I love her! Like I said, we need to rock our birkins out together!
  9. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  10. I would love to know if you end up putting it up for sale:nuts: please keep us informed, I am drooling too!
  11. Go Jag Go!
  12. Thanks USCgerl:P Not sure if its the color I want yet, but definitely looking into it! :love::love::love:
  13. Nope, not happening for me. :sad:
  14. Me neither. I am holding out for the right color for me, and for retail.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.