Pics of the bag I sent bag .... for a smaller size

  1. I ADORE this line...its made so well, and it reminds of the good ol speedys back in the 80's from Gucci that just lasted forever and looked great all the time! However, the large size Boston is G I N O R M O U S!!! The same size as my LV carry on duffell!!!! So I got the Med...The white is great for Florida, but I must have both!!! Here is a pic before I sent it back!
    pics 633.jpg pics 631.jpg
  2. welcome backkk!! congrats... on your future bag :p
  3. Yeah I saw this a while ago. The medium size is the best. As you said Sunshine the large is HUGE, couldn't agree more. You've done well!
  4. Can not beat the price...thats for sure. I have not paid for a bag that inexpensive for years!! Its so pretty!
  5. so cute!!!
  6. very ellegant! i love color white bags..:rolleyes:
  7. Its soo pretty sunshine!! DO they do a small one? Would you mind giving me the dimensions for the medium? Its gorgeous!!
  8. Sunshine i love it!!! It truly reminds me of their boston bag way back in the 80s, which is actually the handbag that started it all for me. :yes:

    i'm thinking of getting the medium size as well but the other color. Post pics when you get her...
  9. Love this. Congrats!
  10. I just got the brown medium (actually got one for my mom too!) we adore those 80's bostons so this was a must have. Its a smidge larger then a LV speedy 30. Its an amazing bag at a great price! I will post pictures in a bit!
  11. Ok here are some pictures:

  12. OK this one shows size next to a Mirage Speedy 30:
  13. Here is it next to the Duchessa:

  14. Im SO glad you posted those pics Selena....I just love this bag! we can get 4 for the price of one and its made so well! LOVE!
  15. Holla!