Pics of SS10 Jewelry @ Nordies Portland OR

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  1. My SA just sent me some great new pics-not sure what info. can be shared but here is what I have.
    Coco Biker.jpg Avenue of Strass Necklace Detail.jpg Avenue of Strass Necklace.jpg Avenue of Strass.jpg Classic Pearls Pearl Drop CC.jpg
  2. thanks for sharing.
  3. more new items...
    Classic Pearls Ring.jpg Classic Pearls Short Necklace Detail.jpg Crystal CC.jpg Glitter Stud Earrings.jpg Sunlight Ring Side View.jpg
  4. There are so many more but I am short on time and they need to be resized but here are a few more
    Coco Rider Heart-Drop Earrings Rouge.jpg Coco Rider Charm Necklace.jpg Coco Rider Charm Bracelet.jpg Coco Rider Charm Bracelet (set of 3).jpg Coco Cube Earrings.jpg
  5. That's all for now...
    Sweet Pearls Pearl Drop CC Violet.jpg Sweet Pearls Pearl Drop CC Rouge.jpg
  6. Some great large necklaces & rings but just can't get them resized at the moment.
  7. could u give me ur sa's email?
  8. i love the CC studs!
  9. There were a couple of other great pieces that I will try and resize and post tomorrow-off to watch American Idol right now-LOL~!
  10. Awww.. K! come onnn please post.. or email me the pix!! LOL
    i am watching idol too now...
  11. Ok- send me a pm with your addy and after the show I will forward shoe pics too!
  12. Thanks for the jewelry pics. The motorcycle bracelet is cute.
  13. thanks for sharing! another tempting season... hmmmm...:graucho:
  14. wonderful ! Thank you for sharing ! *wishing for prices though hehehehehe, and I hope they are available in hongkong next week :biggrin:
  15. oh, i love the red heart necklace!